2021 Winners

1st Place ($300)—Old Friends Team—Nonprofit: Trees That Feed Foundation

2nd Place ($200)—Team Crunkle—Nonprofit: Counseling Center of the North Shore

3rd Place ($100)—Community Team—Nonprofit: New Trier Food Pantry

Collective Environmental Impact

One-Time Actions

12 participants planted flowers, fruits, vegetables or herbs

Daily Actions

  • 87 days—Turned off lights when not in use
  • 62 days—Turned off water when brushing teeth or washing dishes
  • 52 days—Unplugged chargers when not in use
  • 52 days—Unplugged small appliances when not in use
  • 47 days—Composted food waste
  • 42 days—Thought twice before buying something new
  • 38 days—Reduced screen time
  • 38 days—Didn’t litter
  • 37 days —Used reusable bags
  • 37 days—Took shorter showers
  • 34 days—Adjusted thermostats to save energy
  • 33 days—Avoided wasting food
  • 30 days—Combined car trips

2020 Winners

Nancy Meislahn

Weeding without herbicides

The Gantz Family

Enjoying a local nature area