Before you start

We encourage all participants to read everything on the Challenge Overview, How It Works, and Q & A pages before getting started. This is important. Have a question after reading it all? Don’t hesitate to send us a message on our Contact page.

How many people do you need for a team?

Teams can be as few as two people but no more than 15.

What if I want to participate as an individual, instead of joining a team?

You will be added to the Community Team.

What is the Affiliation field in the Participant Info section of the Participant Record?

This is an optional field, where you can identify a larger group that you’re part of, affiliation like Winnetka Public Schools, boy or girl scouts, church group, etc.).

When and how will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on this website and on our Facebook and Instagram pages as soon as possible after the challenge is complete.

What type of organization is eligible for a prize?

Prizes may be awarded to a 501(c)3 charitable organization, or public agency, church or school in Winnetka and its neighboring communities. All organizations must be approved by the Winnetka Earth Day Challenge.

What if I’m unable to post every day?

The purpose of the challenge is to encourage new behaviors, which are best reinforced on a regular basis. Try to post every day, but if you can’t, we will accept posts any time after the action’s completion. With that said, all posts must be made by midnight on April 30.

How do you know if the participants actually completed the actions, and the actions are NEW behaviors or habits?

All earned points are based on self-reporting, so HONESTY IN REPORTING is critical. Please be honest and respectful to your competitors and report your actions accurately.

What actions can I take before April 16?

We encourage participants to recruit their teams and register on the Login page before April 16. Then, look over the challenges on each of the pages and see if anything you plan to do needs advance preparation. For example, it’s okay to purchase a water-saving shower head before the challenge begins, but it must be installed during the two weeks of the challenge.

Do I have to do the Daily Actions every day?

The purpose of the Challenge is to reinforce as many new behaviors as possible. The Challenge gives you the opportunity to carry out and post Daily Actions every day from April 16-April 30. The more days you carry out an action, the more points you will get.

If the Community Team wins a prize, what organization is chosen?

The Community Team’s prize will be awarded to the New Trier Township Food Pantry.

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